Actualizacion KB a 29-9-2006 para Ilife


Applesan@ Donante
GarageBand 3.0.4

iDVD 6.0.3

iMovie HD 6.0.3

iPhoto 6.0.5

iWeb 1.1.2

Keynote 3.0.2

Pages 2.0.2

iTunes 7.0.1

QuickTime: MPEG-2 Playback Component Download and Installation Instructions

Removing iTunes and QuickTime for Windows

Trouble installing iTunes or QuickTime software in Windows

Troubleshooting iTunes installation on Mac OS X

**How to open an alternate iTunes Library file or create a new one**

iPhoto names may override names assigned in the Import dialog in Aperture

iPod does not play content purchased from the iTunes Store

iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes

iTunes 7 for Mac: AirTunes won't connect to remote speakers

iTunes 7: How to improve performance while burning or ripping CDs

iTunes for Windows: Connection Issues when using Internet Filters, Accelerators , or Firewalls

iTunes for Windows: iTunes 7 doesn't recognize iPod

New iPhoto Film Roll Names Do Not Carry Over to Aperture