Actualización MIUI V6 MULTI 5.6.4 español


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Actualización MIUI V6 MULTI 5.6.4 español

El TEAM de desarrollo de Xiaomi tiene nueva actualización semanal para todos los aparatos Xiaomi. Lista de cambios en MUI V6 MULTI 5.6.4

Optimization - Reduced battery consumption when WiFi is not connected (06-04)
Fix - System reboot caused by some third party apps (06-04)
Fix - WiFi could not be connected automatically when screen was turned off (06-04)
Fix -Phone got heat/high power consumption issues in some situations (06-04)
Fix - When connected to some portable WiFi devices, turning off the screen caused it to disconnect (06-04)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
New - Added unlocking gesture recognizing mechanism to avoid unlocking caused by misoperation (06-02)
Fix - Sometimes Mi Band could not unlock screen (06-01)

New - Added 'People' album to sort out your photos by recognizing the faces (06-02)
Optimization - Optimized Cloud albums arrangement method (06-02)
Optimization - Optimized cloud albums list UI when choosing to add an image to a cloud album (06-02)
Fix - 'Unselect all' option could not be chosen after choosing 'Select all' in start page (06-02)

Fix - Sometimes raining animations did not change directions according to gravity sensor (06-02)
Fix - RAM leak caused by sharing weather conditions (06-02)

Fix - Text box popped up repeatedly after entering incorrect WiFi password (06-01)

Delete - Removed Snooze button for events notification reminders (06-02)

[Data Usage]
Optimization - Added settings button on lockscreen notifications page (06-01)
New - Support viewing network permissions after testing network condition (06-02)
Fix - Setting DNS when testing network might cause FC error (06-02)

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