Dual Core en video, RV560 y RV570


Applesan@ Donante
HIS develops dual RV530 single slot solution. HIS (Hightech Information System) announced another single-slot dual GPU solution, model HIS X1600 Gemini. The card is developed for the upcoming ATi RV560/RV570 and RV530 Pro is used to testing purpose.

The new RV560 and RV570 80nm parts will launch in August and integrate the CrossFire compositing logic onboard, so that will make CrossFire master cards obsolete, as usual accelerators will be able to work together. The card uses an onboard chip to split the PCIe x16 into two x8 parts, to provide bandwith for both GPUs


Que preciosidad... Se puede pagar a plazos o aceptan órganos para pagar? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Calculo que te salga igual de precio dos x1900XTX para poner en SLI (los de ATI lo llaman de otra manera que ahora no me acuerdo) y de mas rendimiento que las 2x2nucleos de la x1600