Merlin 2 RC1


Applesan@ Donante

Merlin es un software para crear projectos, es universal binario
Aun es una beta, pero promete.

About Merlin 2
Created for project managers by project managers. This is the release candidate of Merlin 2, the next generation of project management software for Mac OS X. Following the tremendous success of Merlin 1, ProjectWizards has raised the bar to new heights with this newly released version.

What’s New in this Version
- We have added a miniature map to the activity, netplan and utilization view which can be accessed over the “Eye” icon on the bottom left hand of each view and with the shortcut ?-Click in each chart. The selected area of this overview represents the visible part of the view and can be moved while dragging with the mouse.
- A project can now be exported as a mind map for NovaMind and MindManager.
- The columns in the inspector can now be resized by dragging the vertical separator line.
- The function “Separate Selection"” from within the context menu is now also accessible from the “File” menu.
- The position of the report window is saved automatically.
- The initials of a resource are editable in the outline column and in the resource inspector.
- Resources now have a checkbox named “User” (in the group “Miscellaneous” of the inspector). If a resource is checked here, it can be selected after accessing the function “Switch User"” (aka “Change Identitiy"”) from the View menu. With this setting, different users will have independent workspaces.
- The import of MS Project files has been improved.
- The start or end constraint of a project can now be fixed like any other group.
- Some minor improvements to the user interface have been made.
- By default the report image is the Merlin 2 logo.