s8 Media Audiorefurb V2 8 Macosx


s8 Media Audiorefurb V2 8 Macosx

ReelBean 4.4 - Video Converter and Pro Player

Converts iPod, FLV, iPhone, MPEG4 and many more video and audio formats.
ReelBean is a movie converter and player offering many features that are normally only available in expensive pro video applications. Most of ReelBean's features are available for free. Extra-powerful features can be activated by purchasing a license code for $15 from our store page or by clicking the Buy Now button on this page.

ReelNQ 1.1 - Batch Video Converter

ReelNQ allows you to convert batches of videos automatically. Simply add movies by dragging and dropping them onto the queue table and then start the queue. ReelNQ will convert them one-by-one until the end of the queue is reached. Add more movies to the queue while it's running. Easily configure the queue as to how you want your videos converted. All features of ReelNQ are available in demo mode, while the full capability of the app is available by purchasing a license for $20 by clicking on the Buy Now button on this page. ,
AudioLobe 4.2 - Audio speed and pitch processing

AudioLobe allows you to alter the speed of audio playback without changing the pitch rate. Great for learning difficult notes in a musical sequence. You can set a very small section of the audio to loop at whatever playback speed you want and easily follow what is happening, without having pitch changes. AudioLobe 4 has the ability to save audio and video files with altered playback speeds.

AudioRefurb 2.3 - Audio Enhancement, Filters and Effects

Key AudioRefurb features
- Multiple audio control panels to allow you to improve and alter the sound of your audio files.
- Easy-to-apply audio effects and filters, including distortion, delay, reverb, bandpass, etc.
- 31-band graphic equalizer for very detailed control of sound quality.
- Fine tune each audio filter with a variety of detailed controls.
- Export the improved sound of your audio files, ready to go on your iPod.
- Full-featured demo. 5
- Core Animation integration for an efficient user interface.
- Many pre-configured presets for all audio controls and effects. Easily add and save your own presets.

ImageLobe 2.2 - Image Effects 6

ImageLobe allows you to very easily apply complex effects to your image files. Simply drag an image onto the ImageLobe window and select the effect you wish to apply. Over 40 image effect types are available, many of them highly configurable. Then drag the image back out to save it. It's as simple as that. Try it out. All the features of ImageLobe can be tried in demo mode. Purchasing a license for $20 will allow you to use the application with large image files.

MovieChapterizer 3.1 - Add Chapters to QuickTime Player
MovieChapterizer opens up a world of cool chapter usage in QuickTime Player. Use MovieChapterizer to create chapter names for favorite sections of your movies. When you're done, open the movie in QuickTime Player and use the chapter popup button to jump instantly to any chapter markers you added.

MiTimeZones 1.0

MiTimeZones allows you to easily see the time in a large number of locations around the world. The all-in-one window approach avoids having to open many windows to see each each different location or timezone. Just add your preferred locations from pop up menus and it's all there in one go. Try it now, all features are available in demo mode. MiTimeZones is for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and an unrestricted number of locations can be added by purchasing a license for $15.