Sony Digital Paper 13 pulgadas muy especial para educación y empresas


Sony Digital Paper 13 pulgadas muy especial para educación y empresas

Sony Digital Paper es una ´tablet' muy especial para un sector muy concreto, es una pizarra de tinta electrónica que viene a sustituir el papel tradicional que esta en desuso.

Creo que tiene un tamaño adecuado para revisar facturas y notas sin perder la vista y aunque podrías pensar que cualquier 'tablet' Android o iPad puede hacer lo mismo pienso que tiene su nicho.

A la 'tablets' convencionales le pasa como a todo, si quieres hacer mucho al final no está especializada en nada, por ejemplo no son buenas herramientas para estudiar, tampoco son maquinas para jugar de verdad aunque hacen todo eso.

Sony Digital Paper de 13 pulgadas está especializada en leer pdf, tomar notas con su stylus y pensada para profesionales del papel, es decir jueces, notarios, profesores o ejecutivos que necesitan el papel de siempre sin dibujitos y actualizado.

Pesa solo 350 gramos y su duración es de tres semanas, sí, como lo lees, tres semanas sin cables. Su almacenamiento es de 4GB y aunque te puede resultar poco ten en cuenta que es para guardar documentos no para bajarte los episodios de Break. Os dejo la nota de prensa

Sony is showcasing Digital Paper at this week's American Bar Association Tech Show in Chicago along with Worldox, which serves more than 5,500 law firms, financial institutions, and other enterprises. Worldox is integrating Digital Paper with its award-winning Document Management Solution (DMS), so legal and other professionals can easily and securely access documents, upload handwritten notes and annotated documents, and share with other individuals or groups.
"Sony has created a superlative tool for attorneys," said Ray Zwiefelhofer, President of World Software Corporation. "It's incredibly thin and lightweight, super comfortable for taking handwritten notes and the viewing of documents comes real close to the paper counterpart. Digital Paper has the potential to replace attorneys' notepads, binders and boxes of files by allowing them to save meeting notes directly into the client matter folder in Worldox. This will enable attorneys and other legal professionals to efficiently organize and reference materials for court hearings, testimonies, client and board meetings - in or out of the office."
Sony is also developing additional markets for Digital Paper in collaboration with leading companies serving several key markets, which will be announced in the coming months.
In addition to PDF source files, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files can be converted to the PDF format and saved, viewed and annotated on the Digital Paper device. For speedy retrieval and transfer, Sony's Digital Paper incorporates wireless access to servers (via Wi-Fi) as well as USB connectivity.
Key features and functions that make Sony's Digital Paper relevant to the day-to-day activities of professionals include:
World's thinnest, lightest body among devices with comparable screen sizes (approximately 9/32" and 12.6 oz.); slightly thicker than 30 sheets of paper
13.3 inch (screen size measured diagonally) electronic paper display
High contrast display (1200 x 1600 dots), 16-level grayscale, incorporating "E Ink Mobius" technology from E Ink Corporation
No backlight enables text to be read clearly, even in bright sunlight
Built-in Wi-Fi functionality allows file sharing over a wireless network
Rechargeable thin lithium-ion battery – up to 3 weeks use on a single charge
AC adapter or USB rechargeable (computer-based charging)
Storage - approximately 2,800 PDF files; internal memory of 4 GB coupled with micro SD card slot for additional storage
Touch panel (IR touch) compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input
Dimensions - Approximately 9 1/4" width by 12 1/4" height by 9/32" depth (thickness)
Weight - Approximately 12.6 ounces

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