Actualizaciones de la KB de Apple 2006-06-17


Applesan@ Donante
Aperture: Cannot select root level of disk when importing images

Apple Remote Desktop 3: About encrypted communication

AppleWorks: Document Recovery Techniques

iPod for Windows: Only works with one iPod at a time

iPod Hi-Fi: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

iTunes for Mac: Possible Music Store errors

iTunes for Windows: Possible Music Store errors

iTunes: Backup DVDs from my Mac don't work on my Windows PC
iWeb: Publish to your .Mac account from more than one computer
Logic does not recognize REX files
Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3: How to perform Mac OS 9 clean installation with Restore CDs
Mac OS X 10.4: Issues authenticating after changing keyboard layout
Mac OS X Server 10.4: Do not configure over 20 VLANs on one interface
Mac OS X Server 10.4: How to publish a podcast using the server's weblog feature
Mac OS X Server 10.4: Unable to configure NAT using a PPPoE interface
Mac OS X Server 10.4: Web service may not work after upgrade
Mac OS X Server: New users see question marks in the Dock
Mac OS X: Dial-up connection (PPP) fails to automatically disconnect
No sound from some applications, but system alert sounds play (Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4)
QuickTime 6: About QuickTime Pro Keys
QuickTime for Windows: Error -2093
QuickTime: Windows installation error message
Safety tips for handling email attachments and content downloaded from the Internet
Server Admin may display incorrect Time Zone Information
Setting the maximum volume limit on iPod
Solving iPod Issues (also known as iPod 5 R's)
WaveBurner: ISRC Code Error when burning disc


Pero aun no esta en la calle no??? ya que no me sale el el udate del Osx


El Dios Juker Update Mac OS X :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Gracias eres una máquina.jeje Eres humano :?:

Venga un saludo. :wink:


Gracias gran jefe juker, el Dios Mac te lo recompenzara con el 10.4.7 crackeado para intel generico jejej