Apple Mac Tablet PC con Docking Station en 2007


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cuentan los mentideros de internet que apple planea sacar y tablet pc con dock en 2007
sera verdad? sera mentira? tatachin

la web que cuenta semejante cosa bien allegada, al menos para mi

Apple Mac Tablet PC With Docking Station In 07

Apple researchers have built a full working prototype of a Mac tablet PC and three Companies in Taiwan are now costing a product for a potential launch in mid 2007.

Sources in Taiwan have said that the focus has been more on the home and the education environment than the enterprise marketplace. Several months ago I was told that Apple was exploring a neat new device that is basically a touch screen that links to various source devices including a brand new media centre that Apple is planning to launch next year.

The Mac tablet has been designed to handle third party applications such as home automation software that will allow users to control lighting, audio, entertainment devices and security feeds. It also acts as a full blown PC has wireless linking for a new generation of Wireless Hi Fi speakers that are currently being tested by Apple..............

Apple Mac Tablet PC With Docking Station In 07